On-going Support

Your Computer Network is the centre piece of your operations whether your company has 3 users or 300 users, without the correct maintenance in place your business can’t operate at its optimum and at worst not operate at all.

It is not uncommon for people to assume that the Computer Network or Server is being correctly maintained. However, if you are not freely provided details or evidence of tasks completed then you’re probably in for a shock.

Your whole company really does depend on a good proactive and scheduled IT Support plan. Who’s responsible for doing what task and how do I know that its been done?

We provide a comprehensive range of Support Packages to suit most businesses, and these include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Managed Endpoint Security
  • Regular Health Checks
  • Malware Protection
  • Web filtering and Reporting
  • Technical Support

“A predefined pool of Recurring activities, completed by our tech team, provides peace of mind to any business owner, as they will be safe in the knowledge that nothing has been overlooked”
Liam Johnson, Level Two Support Manager at Teknicare

Key Benefits

Peace of Mind

Let us provide you ‘Peace of mind’ that all those really important recurring IT Tasks are completed on time, every time

Backup Checks, firewall penetration, software auditing, server checks, anti-virus reviews, Security reviews, Backup Reviews, assets tracking, server patching and lots lots more. Talk to us today to see how we can help.

Scheduled activity
Saving you the worry of having to constantly remember those important jobs, tickets can be scheduled; Daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and yearly, the choice is yours.

Proactive approach with escalation included
Finding a more serious issue while completing these checks is what it’s all about, after all it’s the very purpose we complete these checks. Complex issues will be escalated to our senior team for further investigation and resolve.

Compliance and regulation
Your company may have to complete IT tasks to stay compliant in a certain vertical or it might be a requirement for your Business Insurance Cover against data loss. Teknicare can help your business meet it’s responsibilities. This can include; backup checks; software auditing; internet usage; employee usage and so on. We can help you with your compliance by completing the necessary checks as required.

Assisting your team
Your team need a helping hand to complete some of those less exciting tasks or perhaps those tasks you really don’t want to worry about. Let our team complete them for you.

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